Thought of the day

“Drink tea, read books, be happy”

I’m the sort of person who constantly feels like they should be doing something or going somewhere new. The thought of a day with nothing planned terrifies me, and I hate waking up with nowhere to go and no one to see.

Since leaving college, where I was in every day from nine till four, and starting university I’ve found myself with so much free time. For a lot of people all this free time is great as it leaves time for sleeping, Netflix and just general pottering around, but for me it’s the worst thing in the world.

Take this weekend for example. Bear in mind that I’m currently on a work placement where I’m in full time from Monday from Friday. On Friday night I was quite happy to just stay and chill with a glass of wine after a long working week. On Saturday there was the usual errands to run such as shopping, getting the boyfriend’s hair cut, and popping into town for some hair dye, and on Saturday evening, I went for dinner with some friends at Coast to Coast. Then it rolled round to Sunday, and suddenly I was faced with the one thing I hate the most- having no plans all day long. I tried to fill out the day by cooking a breakfast, taking a long shower, and watching a film. But by four o clock I was bored. And it wasn’t as if I’d been sat in all weekend either.

I wish that I was the type of person to be able to just take comfort in doing nothing but I’m not. I’m a creature of routines, I love trying new things, and despite complaining when I’m exhausted, love being busy. But the problem is, I need to understand that not everyone feels like I do and that not everyone loves rushing through life at 100mph like I do.

Instead of moaning about all my free time I need to ravish it, as it’s not going to be this way forever. One day I’m going to have proper responsibilities. I need to start spending my free time wisely, catching up on all that TV that I’ve missed, watching all those films that I want to watch, and taking as many long, hot baths as I can. And I need to know that there’s all the time in the world for me to try new experiences and that I don’t need to rush through everything. I need to take my time, relish in the smaller things, and to just enjoy the big things when they happen instead of spending all my relax days waiting for them to happen.


Thought of the day

“Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be”

Like a dandelion with its tufts scattered away in the wind, whirling away into a chasm of nothingness, a lot of us feel that we are waiting for something that hasn’t happened to us yet. As the clock ticks, and time goes by, sometimes slowly and sometimes unbelievably fast, we nervously wait and wonder about what the next chapter of our lives is going to hold.

University is a strange place where you’re expected to perform to your highest standard all of the time in all aspects whether that be professionally, socially, or academically. It’s easy to be trapped in the mindset that you need to be better, that you need to get better grades or get better at doing interviews, or get better opportunities which will shape your future. I constantly worry that I’m not doing enough to prepare myself, despite the amount of part time jobs I’ve held, the good grades I’ve got, and the internship I’m completing. And it’s because I know that there’s always going to be someone better than me, and in this day and age, we spend far too much time thinking about the next step rather than concentrating on the here and now.

I don’t take pride in the things that I have done, or spend enough time loving what I’m currently doing. I’ve realised that I’ve come a long way, especially in the past two years, as I’ve completed college, gone to university, moved away to Chester, and then moved out to Manchester, and I know I’ve grown as a person as things have changed. Some of those things were unplanned, and yet I’m one hundred percent happy with my life and my choices.

Right now, I’ve almost finished my second year of my degree, which means normally I’d be worrying about getting a summer job.But whilst it’s not my priority right yet, I’m going to continue thinking about my last assignment, completing my internship, and enjoying everything I do all the while.

And next week when I start to worry again, I’m going to reread this quote, make a cup of coffee, and settle down with a good book. It’s normal to worry but sometimes a bit of calm and time to yourself makes you realise that you’ve traveled a long way, and it’s okay to finally have a rest.

It’s time to start focusing on the now, and everything else will fall into place over time.

Can you relate to this quote?