A city love affair


As many of you  know, I used to live in Chester. Chester is a beautiful city in the North West, and it’s the first place I lived entirely on my own without my family or any of the people that I grew up with all of my life. I lived in a tiny room in a old fashioned block of flats, and my friends lived directly across the road. Things like not being able to drive weren’t an issue as shops were a ten minute walk away, and as I lived on campus, it was literally a two minute walk to lectures. For that year, my friends became like a family to me. I think that because of that, Chester always feels like home to me in a way that I’m not always convinced Manchester does.

Although I class myself as living in Manchester, where I actually live is Sale, a small town in the suburbs which is technically in Cheshire. Where I live is very leafy and green, and it does feel more like home to me now than it did a year ago. It helps that Rich is here and that my family aren’t too far away, and I do feel as if I’m putting down more roots now that I have a part time job in the city. But then the other day, I caught the train down to Chester for a night out with some of my friends who live there. And I got that feeling as I were going home, as if I still lived there.

Although I’ve accepted that Manchester is my current home, and I’m happy with living there, I guess a part of me will always love Chester. It has beautiful sunsets, it’s where I met my boyfriend, and it’s somewhere that for a short while really made me happy. What I’ve got to remember is that life goes on, and that Manchester is somewhere that opens up a wealth of opportunities in a way that Chester didn’t. I have a lovely flat with Rich, I get to live the cosmopolitan city lifestyle, and I’m closer to my family and hometown.

I think I need to remember that whenever I do travel down to Chester for uni, which I currently do three times a week, although Chester is no longer my home, it’s still there for me when I want it. It was a stepping stone into my current life, and in the same way that my memories are always within reach, so is my favourite city.

Do any of you feel like this about a city? Let me know.

Beth xx


Date Ideas


First of all, I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been really supportive as I’ve tried something new out on my blog. As some of you know, I’m a Creative Writing student and for the last few years have been working on improving my prose and poetry writing. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of it on my blog and I was surprised at how well it went down so thank you again!

As for this post, I’ve decided to focus on date ideas. Me and my friends are always asking each other for new date ideas, and so I thought I’d share a few of them with you guys so that you can hopefully try something new.

Cook each other a meal, go for coffee, go on a roadtrip, spend a day at the beach, have a movie night, go dancing, go clubbing, try a fancy new wine bar, go for brunch, go for a picnic, take a hike, go to the theatre, watch a musical, visit a comedy club, go for a swim, visit a brewery, visit a museum, visit an art gallery, have a cheese and wine evening, go to the cinema, go to an outdoor film showing, have a day at a theme park, make homemade pizzas, go bowling, try mini golfing, go to the zoo, take a look on sites such as living social and groupon, go shopping, book a spa day, go for afternoon tea, visit each other’s families, play a sport together, try stargazing, have a water fight (if it’s warm!), have a game night, spend a few hours volunteering, watch a sporting event, go to an aquarium, go see a live band.

Do you have any date ideas? 🙂