How to get a better night’s sleep

Recently I’ve been so busy that I don’t feel as if I’ve been getting enough sleep, never mind a sleep that actually makes me feel rested! I think that’s because I’ve been working full time on an internship meaning early mornings and the fact that on a weekend it’s been such lovely weather that I’ve been out and about the entire time. I shouldn’t complain because I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks and I hate being bored, but I thought I’d share some things with you that I’m going to try and do this evening to unwind and hopefully get a better night’s sleep.

Technology ban- This one’s probably going to be a bit of a struggle for me as I’m constantly on my phone or laptop whether that’s texting friends, doing bits for my blog or even looking things up. However, it is supposed to really help with your sleep as it allows your brain to shut off properly so I’m going to give it my best shot and see if it helps.

Make your bedroom cosy- When I lived in Chester, my tiny little uni room couldn’t really be described as cosy. I had a single bed which squeaked when you sat on it, there was no carpet and it was freezing because the heating wouldn’t work. In my flat now there are a tonne of cushions on the bed, the mattress is really soft and I actually enjoy being in my bedroom. Make yours cosy and you’ll find it much easier to fall asleep when you’re actually comfortable.

Wear something comfortable- This one goes without saying but you’d be surprised how many people see going to bed as some kind of fashion parade. No one cares what you look like when you’re going to bed. As long as you’re comfortable, that’s all that matters. I have to say though, I do really enjoy wearing matching pyjamas to bed. It makes me feel a bit more accomplished.

Make sure you’re actually tired- Okay, I know it’s hard when you know you have to be up in the morning and you can’t sleep. But the worst thing to do is to lie and to try and will yourself for sleep. Instead of doing that, try reading or getting up and doing something. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

Make a cup of tea (or if you don’t like tea, hot chocolate)- I’m a huge coffee fan and drink way too much of it to be good for me. However, on an evening I find that a cup of tea is so much more relaxing. It helps my mind shut down, and it’s just a really soothing drink. You could always try green tea or fruit tea as well as they’re supposed to have loads of health benefits.

What do you do to try and get a good night’s sleep?


Weekend Ideas

Here in the UK, it’s bank holiday weekend, meaning a three day weekend which is fabulous. Therefore, I thought I’d share some ideas with you all on things you could do this weekend to make the most of it. Some of these things may cost money, but some of them don’t; I wanted to try and include a mixture so that there’s something for everyone! In Manchester, it’s supposed to be quite warm, so I think I’m gonna head off into the Peak District for a bit of a hike one day, probably visit my family, and then spend a day generally relaxing and doing bits of shopping etc before the week starts again.

Go to a national park, go to the gym, go for a run in nature, go to a car boot sale, try visiting a restaurant you’ve never been to before, check out a community event in your local area, visit a theme park, relax in your garden, go rollerskating, go swimming, visit a museum, visit an art gallery, visit the zoo or a wildlife park, have a film day, go to the cinema, read a book, have a home spa day, go charity shop shopping, make homemade pizzas, host a cheese and wine evening, host a dinner party, throw a house party, go for a picnic, watch something random on Netflix, go to a laser quest, go bowling, go to a bar, go out dancing, have a cocktail making night, spend a day playing board games, visit family for Sunday dinner, watch the sun go down, try sketching, go to the nearest beach, organise your wardrobe, volunteer somewhere local, go for a bike ride, hop on a train to somewhere you’ve never been before, go on a road trip, build mini bonfire in your garden and toast marshmallows, spend a whole day in your PJ’s eating icecream, go to a local farmers market, bake a cake, visit a library, go to to the theatre, watch a live band, try gardening, go mini golfing, try iceskating, visit an aquarium, watch a sports match.

Have you any weekend ideas?

How to relax

I’m the sort of person who constantly gets stressed about little things, and that’s why I’ve decided to share some tips on how to destress when the going gets tough. I’ve found that doing some of these things really helps, and gets you back into that calm sense of mind that you need.

Shut off your technology- As someone who’s constantly on their phone I know firsthand that this can be really hard, but you’ll be surprised at how good it feels. When we’re constantly on our phones, our brains are constantly buzzing, and we feel like we’re being demanded at. Turning off your phone really gives you a sense of zen, and I know that it really helps me after a stressful day.

Read a book- There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a new novel in your hands. Reading allows you to escape the world around you, and helps you get lost in another person’s thoughts. It’s so relaxing, and I try and read for at least half an hour a night before I go to sleep.

Drink a cup of tea- There’s a reason that us Brits are constantly drinking it, as it’s a great solution to everything. It’s a lot more calming than coffee, though I have to say that I do tend to drink coffee if I’m feeling stressed early on in the day. I’ve recently got into drinking green tea, and fruit tea. My favourites are salted caramel green tea, and raspberry and mango fruit tea, and I find that they really relax me.

Go for a walk- I live just around the corner from the canal, and find that an evening stroll in the sunshine is a great way to destress. I normally go with my boyfriend and it really gives us a chance to talk about any stresses of the day.

Run a hot bath- I normally take a bath around mid week or towards the end of the week when I’m burned out and tired. I tend to add loads of bubble bath, and take a good book in there with me. It feels so nice to be soothed by the water, but just be careful that you don’t fall asleep in there! Treat yourself by taking some lovely smelling bath gel in there with you.

Cook yourself something tasty– A year ago I could barely cook anything, but nowadays I cook most meals in our flat. I find it to be really therapeutic and the bonus is that you get a lovely (hopefully!) tasting meal at the end of it. Try following something you’ve never tried before out of a recipe book, or, if you’re feeling confident, try making up your own recipe.

Plan your next holiday- If it’s your day to day life that’s getting you down, try planning your next holiday to somewhere new and exciting. After feeling really stressed with university exams and deadlines recently, I booked a holiday to Croatia where I can hopefully catch some rays, relax and take in the sights.

Do you have any tips for relaxing?

My Bucket List

There’s a lot of things that I’d love to do in my life, and I like to think that one day (fingers crossed) I’ll complete them all. This list is far from complete, as I know I’ll add more as I grow older and want different things out of life.

Own a car, live abroad, own a pet, buy every book that I want, sky dive in a beautiful country, write a novel, get into photography, go to a drive-in movie, go to an opera, buy my own house, go on holiday alone, go to an all night beach party, cut a fringe into my hair, go for a spa weekend, build a successful career, sit front row at a fashion show, fly in first class, attend a foodie festival, travel around America, drive down the California coast, stay in a five start resort, visit a vineyard to go wine tasting, cook a Sunday dinner, go for afternoon tea, go out for a meal and have three courses of dessert, visit Santorini and see the world’s most beautiful sunset, run my own book club, complete with coffee and cake mornings, do a charity run, learn a new language, learn to play the piano, attend the gym every week day, try a yoga class, learn to iceskate, spend Christmas in Australia, see the Northern Lights, get married, swim with dolphins, learn to surf, watch the sun rise over the sea, climb a mountain, create my own recipe, learn more about astronomy, watch a Broadway show, run out of pages in my passport, experience Christmas in New York, live near the beach, learn to horseride, have dinner on a rooftop terrace in Paris.

What do you have on your bucket list?

How to improve your blog traffic

When you first join the world of blogging it can be really disheartening to not really get much traffic. I found this and was so sad that no one was reading the posts that I spent so long writing that I almost gave up. But then I thought, why should I? I love writing and it doesn’t matter how many people view it. As soon as I got into this mindset and started writing more frequently, I found that more people started to read my blog! Therefore, I thought I would create a post highlighting the ways in which you can try and get more followers and readers as well as getting more involved in the blogging community!

  1. Talk to fellow bloggers– Seriously do this. Everyone in the blogging community is absolutely lovely. I was so worried it was going to be really awkward when I first started to get involved, but actually I’ve found just the opposite. Everyone has been really friendly and welcoming. I’ve met some lovely people as a consequence. I’ve also got new blogs to read daily!
  2. Share your posts more than once on social media– Ideally you want to find a way to do this without being too annoying to your followers. At the same time you want to make sure that everyone is getting round to reading your posts. Make sure that you don’t spam people though by rephrasing the title of your post.
  3. Use Twitter to your advantage- I’ve found that the best thing to do is follow other bloggers. Use hashtags that promote blogging, and tag blog accounts that promote bloggers in their posts. @UKBloggers1 and @BloggerBees are great for this.
  4. Look at your blog analytics– It pays to pay attention to how many views you’re already getting. Have you got loads of viewers on one particular post? Try and write a similar post again. Maybe you could turn it into a blog series.
  5. Make sure you spend time on your content- If you want people to read it then you have to make sure that it’s good. Often a good blog post takes hours to write after all the research that you do for it. Check your spelling and grammar.

Have you any blogging tips for getting more traffic?

How to think of an original blog post

If, like me, you’ve been blogging and writing for a while, you’re eventually going to hit a wall where you can no longer think of anything new, or original to write about. It can be hard to get those little cogs in your brain whirring away in the realms of originality. But don’t worry, I’ve thought of a few ways which can get that creative thought flowing, and that will help give your blog the boost it needs!

1: Look around you

Think about it. Take in everything around you properly, and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by technology. Think about the sounds around you, the people around you, and your general surroundings. What do they remind you of?

2: Analyse your favourite quotes

A great way to write a blog post that comes from the heart is to write about a quote that inspires you. Really think about it, and honestly pore your heart out to your followers. Some of my post popular posts have been my ‘thoughts of the day’.

3: Take a trip down memory lane

Think about something that happened long ago, and then think about what’s new in your life, and how you’ve changed as a person since that memory. It can be quite therapeutic for you as well your followers to try this. There’s nothing quite like a bit of nostalgia!

4: Celebrate odd holidays

To try and do something a bit quirky and unique, how about researching an odd holiday and explaining what it is to your followers? You never know, you might even decide it’s a holiday that you want to celebrate from now on. The stranger the better for this one.

5: Write a blog post titled ‘If I won the lottery’.

You might find yourself surprised with where this blog post takes you. With this post you could either make it quite witty, or quite meaningful, depending on the type of blog you write and your audience following.

Do you have any original blog post ideas? Share them in the comments below 🙂 thanks for reading!