24 things about me

I’ve not really shared that much about myself on here before, so I thought it was time that I probably did that so you could all get to know me a bit better!


  1. I have red hair and no it’s not my natural colour. My natural colour is dark brown, but up until a year ago, I always dyed it blonde.
  2. I’m really shy. Like shy enough that I hate, hate, hate talking to new people and dread situations where I feel out of my depth!
  3. Once you get to know me, I don’t shut up.
  4. I hate online shopping. I know it’s weird, but I just never seem to get anything to fit me and generally just prefer trying something on before buying.
  5. I love reading and I read probably at least two books a week.
  6. I aspire to be a copywriter one day. It seems like a hard profession to get into, but I’m giving it my best shot!
  7. I’m in my second year of uni. I commute everyday, but not from home, from the flat I share with my boyfriend.
  8. I’m 19, and I turn 20 in December… this actually makes me feel so old!
  9. I can’t drive currently, however I am having driving lessons despite them going really badly. I’m just not a very practical person.
  10. I have a sister called Summer, who’s younger than me. She’s 15 and lives in my hometown, which luckily isn’t too far away from me meaning I can pop back and visit quite frequently.
  11. I own over thirty pairs of shoes. The thing is I don’t even wear them all, I think I just like having them. Some of them I’ve had for years.
  12. My favourite colours are light blue and a mint green. i can’t decide between liking one more than the other!
  13. I used to work for McDonalds when I was at college. I didn’t really enjoy my time there, but it was nice to be earning some money and saving up for the future!
  14. I need glasses. I’m short sighted and should probably wear them all the time, but for now, I just wear them when I’m either on my laptop or watching TV.
  15. My favourite country that I’ve visited so far is Italy. I went last year for the first time and thought it was magical. I stayed at the resort of Lido de Jesolo which was perfect as it was so close to Venice and Verona.
  16. My dream holiday is to Croatia. I saw it on the TV a few years ago and have always wanted to go since. I’m travelling there in September which I’m so excited about!
  17. The perfume that I use the most at the moment is Rita by Benefit. If you’ve never tried this then seriously go get it! It smells SO good.
  18. I have an obsession with blouses. I wear them pretty much everyday, and I just love how girly and flattering they are.
  19. I like wearing heels. Seeing as I’m only 5ft3, I definitely need the extra height, especially when most of my friends are so much taller than me.
  20. I always curl my hair. I’ve done this for years and it’s just because I don’t really think I suit straight hair.
  21. All through my childhood I danced. I did Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and National, but unfortunately I wasn’t very good at it, which is partly why I gave up when I was 14.
  22. I’m rubbish at baking. One time I tried to make an eggless cake… as you can guess it ultimately failed.
  23. I’m still friends with my high school friends. Despite leaving school four years ago, I’m still really close with these guys and we regularly meet up.
  24. My full name is Bethany Megan, but I prefer Beth.

I hope this helped you guys to know me a bit better and I think I’m going to start doing life lately posts too from now on.