Beauty Review: Maybelline New York Super Stay Gel Nail Color

maybelline mint for life 2.png

I recently purchased the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Color in the shade Mint For Life. It’s a gorgeous mint green colour which is spot on for this time of year. I decided to try this product after struggling to find a nail polish which lasted for more than 24 hours.I always found that my nails got chipped and looked horrible which is not what you want. It wasn’t even that I was using cheap nail polish. For months I’d been using Nail’s Inc, but I just couldn’t see what all the fuss is about. I always had to apply a few coats and even then it wouldn’t look right.

Therefore, I decided it was time to look elsewhere for the perfect nail polish. I was recommended this product by my mum, who’s tried this product in the shade Nude Rose which is also gorgeous.

Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Color in Mint for Life Review Swatch Swatches (4)

It’s so easy to apply. It’s quite a wide brush which i really liked, and I loved how quickly it dried. You don’t even need two coats with this nail polish which is ideal for when you’re in a rush. The colour is really flattering against my skin tone, and after five days it’s still going strong. There’s hardly any chipping, and that’s after doing things such as the washing up which always seems to be cause of nail chipping for me. It’s the sort of colour that you can wear in the day, and also in the evening because it’s quite a fun shade but can also look quite relaxing depending on what it’s worn with.

I think that I’ll definitely be trying Maybelline’s nail polishes out again. They’re the best I’ve found, and at less than a fiver they’re a bargain too.


What nail polish brands do you recommend?



I shiver in the twilight, my fingers intertwining with the dusk that smokes so delicately around me. Tendrils of amber forlornly waver in the wind. The moonlight begins to dapple the earth, illuminating my chosen path. I’m inert, lost in the cinderella leaves that autumn imprisoned and that summer discarded. Like me, they know they don’t belong here, but they’re gasping to find a place in this silence. Bitter wings disturb in the distant gloom, tarnishing the beauty of nothing, threatening to impose. Sunlight has said it’s goodbye, the remnants of orange and pink fading into darkness that feels like a heavy blanket, suffocating the thought of tomorrow.


Beauty Review: Nivea Lip Balm


I’m one of those people who constantly wears lip balm. My lips always seem to get dry, and so I try to include some form of lip balm in my everyday beauty routine. I also use it as a base if I’m wearing a lipstick. Up until a few months ago, I always used Vaseline, normally the green one, as I loved how smooth it was, how it didn’t cause your lips to flake, and the great shine that it gave to your lips. When I ran out of my last pot, I headed to Sainsburys in search of another, but to my dismay, they didn’t seem to have any left. But then I spotted this item, which is the Nivea Lip Butter in the shade Raspberry Rose Kiss. It was on offer for only £1 as well, so it was a bit of a bargain buy.


The main thing that attracted me to this product was the packaging which I thought was really cute, and when I opened it I was surprised to find how lovely it smells. It’s quite sweet, and in my opinion, very summery. When you apply it, it sinks straight in, but the problem I had with it was that it can leave your lips quite flaky which I didn’t like. It does contain almond oil and shea butter, and despite the flakiness, leaves them otherwise smooth. Maybe my lips just aren’t in the right condition for this product! I did, however, really like that it adds a tint of colour without being overpowering which is great for more casual days. As I previously mentioned, I’ve also found it’s a great lipstick base.

Although I’m not sure I’d buy this product again, I am using it at the moment, and am finding it growing on me. It may not be as great as my old Vaseline, but it does look a lot nicer in my makeup bag!

Have you tried this product? What did you think?


Beauty buy of the week- Treacle Moon



treaclemoon Marshmallow hearts shower gel 2

Like a lot of girls, I’m completely obsessed with shower gels and bubble baths that smell great. Recently I discovered Treacle Moon’s collection of bath and shower gel and they smell delicious! I was initially attracted to them due to their gorgeously cute packaging which I knew would look great in my bathroom. I picked up the Honeycomb Secret and Marshmallow Hearts seeing as they were both on offer in Tesco last week at only £1.99 which is an absolute steal for something that smells like this and looks adorable. If you’re a big fan of Lush then you’ll love this product as they smell just as good but are a lot cheaper. I love that they actually smell like they’re supposed to. My favourite out of the two I picked up is definitely the Honeycomb Secret. It legitimately smells like a Crunchie bar, so make sure if you’re using this product that you’re not starving, because it will make you feel hungry! As if you need any other incentive to try out this product, all Treacle Moon’s products are alcohol free and are against animal testing.

Have you tried any of Treacle Moon’s products? What did you think?

Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick Review

Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

For months and months I searched for the perfect lipstick. A lipstick that would make my lips stand out in a luscious pink and that wouldn’t clash with my red hair. Unfortunately this proved to be quite a difficult task. Normally I turn to No.7 lipsticks from Boots in times of need, but then I discovered Maybelline’s Color Drama lipsticks, and I won’t be looking back.DSCF1329

I decided to go for the shade ‘Keep it Classy’, as it sounded sophisticated and, of course, classy. It’s quite a bright pink, but if you have pale skin, and red hair like me, then it matches perfectly, making all your features stand out. My sister has the same lipstick and yet she has blonde hair and slightly darker skin than me, but still looks great. Seems like this lipstick is one that suits a variety of people! The consistency is quite thick, and occasionally you do have to blot, but it’s worth it for the stand out effect that you get. I’ve found that the best way to apply this lipstick is by putting a layer of vaseline on underneath as it stops if from looking so matte. Another great thing about this lipstick is the price. At Superdrug, it only costs £4.99, which for the perfect lipstick is amazing value.

Have you got a favourite lipstick? Let me know in the comments below.


Fall Favourites


It’s finally my favourite time of year- autumn! The temperature has started to drop and so after spending last week freezing to death, I decided to go shopping to top up my fall wardrobe. I found that H and M had a great selection of jumpers and cardigans, and New Look had some lovely autumn floral pieces. As always, I went to Dorothy Perkins for some new jeans, as I love the fit, and think their price is very affordable, especially with their 20% student discount!


jumper 1

  1. Fine Knit Jumper £7.99

My first purchase was this lovely jumper which is white and adorned with little stars in navy blue. It has long sleeves and is quite close fitting. As a size twelve, I bought it in a medium fit. It’s the perfect fall jumper in that it can keep you warm without a jacket on those warmer days, and yet can easily be cosy underneath a cardigan or jacket when the temperature takes the plunge.


2. Fine Knit Cardigan £14.99

I’ve been looking for a cover up like this for ages, and this one is ideal, particularly due to the colour, which is camel. It is a versatile piece that adds something extra to your outfit, and it also helps keep you toasty. It feels so soft which is a bonus, and I know this is a wardrobe staple that will see me throughout all the cold months this year!


3. Fine Knit Cardigan £9.99

This is similar to the other cardigan that I purchased, however it doesn’t have the waterfall drape that the other does because unfortunately they didn’t have my size in this colour. However this is made out of the same material meaning it’s just as cosy, and the colour is another neutral colour that can be worn with anything.


skinny jeans

4. Bailey Super Skinny Stretch Jeans- £18.00 with student discount

I love this jeans due to how comfortable and stretchy they are, and the fact that they last for ages. I bought a pair in both indigo and black, in a size 12 petite fit, due to the fact that at 5ft3, I find a lot of the time that jeans are way too long for me.


5. Navy Chiffon Lace Up Gypsy Top- £19.99

nl top 1

This gorgeous top is perfect either for dressing up, or dressing down. The bell bottom sleeves create a lovely feminine effect, whilst the navy blue colour makes it more sophisticated. I wear blouses all of the time , and have found this one to be particularly versatile. Beware that it’s quite see through, so maybe pair with a cami underneath.

6. Black Floral Print Lace Up Gypsy Top- £19.99

nl top 2

I found another gypsy top, which I think is my favourite style of top, just because it’s so flattering and pretty at the same time. The colours in this are perfect for the autumn weather, and teamed with a cosy cardigan and a scarf make it ideal for when the weather turns!

Thanks for reading guys! I’m hoping to publish a beauty buys of the month in the next week, and let me know if there’s any particular articles you’d like to see!

Beth x


beauty products


I started using this product probably about a month ago, and it’s now without a doubt the best shampoo that I’ve ever used. I used to use the Herbal Essences, Hello Hydration, however found that if I used it for more than a couple of weeks at a time, I was left with greasy residue in my hair. However I’ve found that the Honey Treasures to be perfect for my hair, which is coloured. I’ve found that I can leave it for longer without washing, and it still looks clean. It gives hair an extremely shiny and healthy look, and it contains ingredients which strengthen your hair and help stop breakage, which is perfect for, if like me, you use a lot of heat on your hair. Not only does it leave your hair looking great, it also leaves your hair smelling of sweet honey, which I love! The only thing I have to criticise of Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures, is the conditioner, as although it smells great, it doesn’t seem to go far, and doesn’t provide as much moisture for my hair as I would like.

Honey Treasures


I recently purchased this product as it was on offer in Boots. I had been using a Nivea moisturiser, however found that on my combination skin, it just made it feel sticky, and caused me to break out. I was going through a patch of having dry skin, which was most likely due to the heatwave we had last month in the UK, and within a week of using this product my skin was so much happier. It felt refreshed, smooth, hydrated, and wasn’t causing me to break out. It also smells amazing, like most of Garnier’s products, which is probably why they’re my favourite beauty brand, as you’ll be able to tell from the rest of this article.



I bought this product last year, as I’d found my hair to have a lot of breakage due to my regular use of a curling iron, and was seeking something to help stop any further damage. I found this product in Bodycare, and was drawn to it due to its reasonable price, and the fact it contains Argon Oil, which is supposed to be extremely healthy for your hair. It can be used on all hair types, and is really good in that it works just as well on dry and wet hair. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue, and doesn’t make my hair feel clogged up like I’ve found a lo of heat defence sprays do. This product lasts a long time, as I bought this before I started my first year of uni which was around ten months ago now, and I’ve only just ran out.



This product is perfect for if you’re incredibly pale and would like a sun kissed glow without looking like an orange. It’s also ideal if you want to top up a tan. The scent is apricot, which gives the product a nice summery feel. It leaves your skin feeling fully hydrated and glowing which is a bonus, however the only thing I have found with this product is that it doesn’t last very long. Despite this, I’ve been using the product for a long time, and have found it to be the best self tanning lotion.



I got this product as a birthday present, and LOVE it! My favourite thing about it is probably the bottle, which is so gorgeous, and looks lovely on my dressing table. The scent is very floral, however manages to not be too sweet, which is definitely a good thing. It smells of jasmine and blue wisteria, and is quite a romantic, and youthful scent. Each application lasts a long time as well, meaning you don’t have to apply the perfume multiple times a day. Although it’s quite expensive, it’s definitely worth the money, and when I run out, I will most certainly be buying a bottle of this again.



Okay so this is a cheap product I bought recently due to its low price, and so I wasn’t expecting much from it. However I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find it does what it says it does. It’s also long-lasting, and easily blends into your stick without it looking as if you have concealer on. I’ve had this product for around three months, and despite using it everyday, it looks as if I’ve only just bought it.