It’s been a while since I continued with my blogging series, any job is a real job, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it! This week, Poppy Mayy from is sharing what her job as a digital marketing strategist is like. It was really interesting to hear about another role in the media industry! The media industry seems to be expanding all the time, and there seems to be lots of opportunities to get into it, and I think it’s the sort of role that a lot of bloggers out there want. I hope you enjoy reading this post, and  I want to say a big thank you to Poppy Mayy for getting involved. You should definitely check out her blog, as she’s a great writer that I think a lot of you would enjoy. 

1. Explain your job title/role…

My official job title is digital marketing strategist at a creative web design and marketing agency. However, I am certainly not limited to just strategising. I take care of all the in-house digital marketing from email campaigns, social media channels, online advertising, content marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation). I am also responsible for various clients’ digital marketing.

2. How did you get into your job?

Funny story, the company I work for actually belongs to the husband of a guest lecturer at my university. So I got my job through a recommendation from her and one other lecturer. Obviously I still had to submit an application and interview for it though. But it turns out it does pay off being teacher’s pet 😉

3. What do you like about your job?

The variety. No day is ever the same as I’ll either be dealing with different clients or different marketing channels so I’m never bored.

4. What do you hate about your job?

The pay. As a recent-ish graduate though, I can’t be picky.

5. Where do you want to be in five years time?

Preferably I’d love to be a marketing freelancer or running my own digital agency. Having a lot of freedom in my career has always been something I’ve wanted.

Do any of you out there do something similar? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, let me know if you want to get involved in this blogging series! 



Anglesey- A beautiful Welsh gem



Last weekend I went to Anglesey, which is an island in the North of Wales. I went for three days, and it was lovely. I always had it in my head that Anglesey was a much smaller place than it actually is. I don’t think a lot of people realise that it’s kinda big. Rich’s family own a cottage in Treaddur Bay, right near the beach, and it’s so beautiful. The above picture is a sunset taken on the beach there. We drove down from Manchester on Thursday night after work. We were expecting it to take around two and a half hours, but it actually only took about one and a half, which was pretty good going.


On our first day, we went up to Chemlyn bay which is on the north of the island. It’s absolutely breathtaking. There’s pebbled beaches, blue sea, and it feels like there’s nothing for miles around. We spent hours just wandering on the beach, taking pictures of the views, and just enjoying being somewhere so relaxing.


On the second day, we went to Beaumaris, which on the east of the island, right near the Menai bridge. It was such a lovely little town. We spent a few hours going round the little independent shops. Rich bought me a gorgeous handbag for Christmas (I know it’s a while off but you can never start too early), and we also visited lots of galleries, a Chilli shop, and shops full of trinkets. After a few hours of shopping, we went to an amazing fish and chip shop and had a walk down the pier, and walked along the sea front which had views of the Snowdonia national park.

13912444_1020785198039443_6658673826864453122_n (1)


On the last day we were there, we went to Newborough which is on the south of the island. If you’ve ever been to Formby Beach in Merseyside, it’s quite similar to that. There’s a massive pine forest which borders the beach, and there’s also an island called Llanddwyn Island which is stunning. It has a little lighthouse, a ruined church and lots of little coves. I wish it had been slightly sunnier on the day we went as it would have been perfect for a picnic. It’s quite a walk so you need to take your walking shoes, but it’s definitely worth it.





It was a fabulous weekend, and I can’t wait to visit again. If you need somewhere relaxing to charge your batteries, then definitely check out Anglesey, as it’s full of hidden gems! How many of you have been to Anglesey before?


Wanderlusting: I want to visit…


Ahh, I’m absolutely loving the heatwave that seems to be hitting the UK this week. I just want to stretch out on a sunlounger, sip on something icy and cold, and read a massive pile of books (they should probably be the ones that I need to read for my dissertation!). Unfortunately I have to work, and on my days off I have silly bits and pieces to do, like make doctors appointments and do bits of shopping. That aside, I will still be dreaming about days on sandy beaches, relaxing with not a care in the world, and that inspired today’s short but sweet post, all about the places and countries around the world that I’d love to visit, especially as today is my one year anniversary on WordPress! Previously, I’ve been to France, Belgium and Italy, and I’m heading to Croatia in September. I’d love to travel more, but I’m definitely not the kind of person who’d enjoy living out of my rucksack and sleeping in hostels. I’m definitely the type of person who likes to spend a long time in one place, relaxing and sightseeing as I go rather than frantically globetrotting. 

I want to visit…. Barcelona, Gibraltar, Bordeaux, Cannes, Amsterdam, Newquay, Isle of Sky, Malta, Sardinia, Krakow, Vienna, Slovenia, Slovakia, Pompei, Naples, Rome, Algarve, Malaga, Madagascar, the Maldives, Dubai, Gold Coast, New Zealand, Swiss Alps, Santorini, LA, New York, Washington DC, Cape Cod, Bora Bora, Mexico, Las Vegas, Great Barrier Reef, Florence, Tokyo, Hawaii, Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Yellowstone, Budapest, Hong Kong, Cairo, Grand Canyon, British Virgin Islands, San Francisco, Prague, Salar de Uyini (Bolivia), Tianzi Mountains (China), Yosemite Valley, Turkey, Luxembourg, Rhodes, Canada, Chicago, Tanzania, Republic of Seychelles, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Madeira, Crete, Pisa, Puerto Rico, Seattle, Dublin, New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Florida, Easter Island, Havana, Victoria Falls, Igazu Falls, Perth, Norway, Finland, the Dead Sea (Israel), Fiji, Tibet, Buenos Aires, Machu Pichu, St Tropez, St Barts, Marrakech, Galapagos Islands, Reykjavik, Athens, Nuuk, Juneau, Moscow.

Where do you want to visit?

How to guide: Moving in with your partner


I’ve had a couple of requests for a blog about this subject and I’ve finally gotten round to doing it. Moving in with your partner is one of those things that can either fill someone with joy, or fill someone with dread. I moved in with Rich when I was eighteen and we’d been dating for around six months. For some people, this would have been far too soon, and at the time I had a lot of people around me tell me this. But over a year later and we’re still happily living together, so I’m glad that I went with my initial gut instinct. A lot of people have asked me how we manage to cope with living with each other. They’ve asked, do we fight a lot? Do we ever feel like we have no space? Do we ever wish that we hadn’t moved in together? Well the thing is, no not really. Okay, we might have the occasional bicker over who washed the dishes last, and sometimes I really need to take myself off for a bath with my book for some peace and quiet, but honestly I’m glad I live with Rich, and there’s no one else I’d rather live with. It’s nice to come home and see him, as he cheers me up even when I’m sad, and not only is he my boyfriend, but he’s my best friend too. And this leads me to my first point….

1: Before moving in with your partner, make sure that it’s what’s best for both of you. 

You hear a lot of things about couples who move in together before either of them is ready. You need to make sure that you’re on the same page, that you know where the relationship is going, and that you’re both emotionally mature enough to deal with it. You need to find out what the other person thinks about having friends over, what they think about decorating, what they think about parents visiting etc. If you discuss these things before the big move even happens, then you’ll find that it avoids conflict later on.

2: Know where you’re at financially

If you’re moving into a new place together, then it’s important that you choose somewhere that you can both afford. However, this could be different if, for example, one of you earns more than the other and is willing to contribute more to rent/bills. If you’re moving into the other person’s place, then you need to make sure that you’re okay with what your partner expects you to contribute to the rent/bills. Furthermore, it’s important to discuss things such as, do we need to buy furniture? How are we going to split the food bills? Do we need to pay for a Sky TV package? You get my drift!

3: Make sure it’s a home for both of you

It’s really important that it’s your home together and that it looks like both of your homes, not just one of yours. For example, in our flat, we made sure to pick out the decorations and bits together. We made sure that we both contributed to buying bits so that we felt that everything was equally ours.

4: Make time for yourself once you’re living together 

Just because you’ve moved in with someone, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically joined at the hip. I spend the majority of my free time with Rich because that’s just the way I like it, but I always make sure that I have my own life too. For example, I still meet up with my friends, I still meet up with my family, I still go to uni, I still have a part time job etc. Even when we’re both in the flat, we still take time to have our own time too. Take Monday night for example, the football was on, and I can’t stand it, so I went off into the other room to write up some blog posts, watch a bit of Beverly Hills 90210 and to have a bit of peace and quiet.

5: Don’t nag about household chores

When you’re living together, it can be really easy to keep nagging about doing chores around the house. In an ideal world, you’d split them evenly, but often that it isn’t possible. In our house, because I only work part time and Rich works full time, I tend to do about three quarters of the housework in the week, but then on a weekend, we tend to split them a bit more evenly. At the end of the day, it’s both of yours home, so it’s best to just crack on and get things done when you can, as no one likes living in a dirty home…. at least I don’t anyway!

Do you have any tips for moving in with someone? Share them below!

I’m feeling at peace


For the first time in months, I finally feel at peace. I think that’s because the last six months or so have been a blur of coursework, exams, train journeys, job interviews and a tonne of stress. However this week, I’m finally feeling a bit more settled with my life and where things are going. It seems to help that I’m filling my life with as much positivity as possible whether that’s in terms of work, in terms of family, and in terms of my social life.  Me and Rich also renewed the tenancy on our flat for another year last month, so it’s nice to know that that’s all sorted out too.

I’ve settled into my new job and am finding myself enjoying the routine of it all. I’ve been training in the stock room and on the sales floor which has meant having to learn lots of new things, and also has had me pushing myself out of my comfort zone as I’ve been meeting lots of new people and getting used to a new environment. I was pretty worried about how often I would be working etc, but I’ve been lucky in that my contract means  I don’t have to work weekends, something which is really important to me, as Rich works full time in the week, and the weekend tends to be the time where we spend some time together whether that’s visiting a new place, visiting family, or just relaxing at home.

I’ve also had great news as I’ve passed my second year of uni! I don’t know what my overall grade for the year is yet, but I know I’ve managed to achieve a 1:1 in my Publishing module, and 2:1’s in my Poetry and Work Based Learning modules which I’m really proud of. Uni has had me feeling quite unsettled this year, as at the end of my first year I didn’t do as well as I hoped and even considered giving it up. Now I’ve reached the end of this year, I’m so glad that I didn’t. Commuting to uni has really helped me to focus on what’s important in terms of my studies and I’m grateful for that as I want to give myself the best start in life possible.

A couple of weeks ago you guys might have read my post on driving lessons. That post was written at a time when I was feeling really down about my lessons and was even considering giving them up altogether. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I needed to make a change, and in my case, that change was switching driving instructors… for the third time. Okay, so I know it seems ridiculous, but I just wasn’t gelling with my second instructor. I was feeling stressed and angry after every lesson as I felt that I wasn’t really making any progress, and it struck me as strange that as a learner with over forty hours of driving experience under my belt, I was still driving around quiet side streets. Therefore, I switched for the third (and hopefully final) time. This time I think I’ve struck lucky, as after only three hours of tuition with my new instructor, he’s advised me to book my driving test, which I have! It turns out I’m not a terrible driver after all. We’ve been working on roundabouts, driving on country roads, hill starts and manoeuvres, so hopefully by the end of this year I’ll finally have my own car…. hopefully.

So there you go. That’s why I’m finally starting to feel a bit more at peace with everything. How are you finding your peace?

I wish I was growing up in the 90’s


As a young person, I feel that growing up in the 21st century is a struggle. Recently I’ve been really into the TV series, Beverly Hills 90210, and even though I know that this is not a real life example of what life would have been like for me (I’m not rich and I’m not living in LA), I can’t help but think that the world in the nineties was a much nicer place. I guess I’m feeling a nostalgia for a time I feel I never got to truly experience.

As much as I am a frequent user of the internet, of social media, and of technology in general, sometimes I wish that it didn’t exist. It can cause so much upset in people’s lives, whilst at the same time deterring away from what’s important. For example, how many people do you know that have been upset by a comment that they saw online? How many people do you know that have been affected by a dodgy picture or have had their personal life pried into? Maybe it’s even been you that has had those things happen to them.

Yesterday I was on the tram home from work, and my phone had died of battery due to me stupidly forgetting to charge it the night before. I had the time to actually people watch and it astonished me that every person around me was glued to their phones. In fact barely anyone was even talking to each other at all. And that made me kind of sad.

We text people instead of ring them these days, we skype instead of actually meeting up, and we share our memories via Facebook instead of at a meetup. We go online if we need to know something instead of going to the library, we pick up a kindle instead of reading an actual book, and we look online for recipes instead of asking our family and friends for advice.

Sometimes I imagine what a world without all of this technology would be like. I imagine the romance of love letters, how there might not be so much competition for jobs, how it would feel to have a night without my phone constantly beeping next to me… And I like what I see.

Yes technology makes our lives easier, but are we forgetting what’s important in the meantime? What do you think?

The struggles of learning to drive


Today I wanted to write about something that’s really getting me down at the moment- learning to drive. I’m 19, and I still can’t do it. A lot of you may be thinking that’s still quite young, and that there’s no need to rush, but the thing is, I’ve been learning to drive since last September and still seem to be getting nowhere with it.

Before I started to learn, I was so excited about it. I’d managed to save up enough money after working long shifts at fast food restaurants and retail stores, and  I was determined that I was going to pass as soon as possible. I signed up with a driving instructor, paid for a block of ten lessons, and thought yay, this is it. I’m going to be driving soon.

The problem was, driving was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I struggled with everything. It took me about fifteen lessons before I even got on the main road, I struggled with gear changes, roundabouts, EVERYTHING. I lended up having about thirty lessons, which brought me up until the end of April, before I decided it was time to make a change. I felt like my old driving instructor had been ripping me off. He spent hours making me drive around the same loop, not teaching me any manoeuvres and upping the price of my lessons. After discussing it with my family and my boyfriend, I found a new instructor.

Things are going slightly better. The problem is, it’s like learning to drive again from scratch. And I’m still struggling. All I want is to have a car so I can hop in whenever I like and just nip somewhere instead of having to walk miles or having to use public transport.Living in Manchester, it’s really easy to use a tram, but it would be so lovely to be able to visit my family and friends who don’t live here whenever I like.

For now, I’m going to keep persevering. It has crossed my mind to try taking a five day intensive course, or just to give up and start to learn automatic, but I feel like all this effort and money would have been a waste otherwise. I guess one day I’ll eventually pass and look back and be grateful that I did carry on, but for now it’s hard to not get upset that I don’t seem to be making much progress.

Is anyone else going through anything similar/ has been through something similar?