I’ve never really been the type of person who’s into cooking. When I first moved away from home to student halls in Chester, I lived in fully catered halls which meant I didn’t feel as if I had to learn to cook. The problem with living in catered halls was that the meals were at awkward times, meaning early morning breakfasts on weekends, and late night dinners when I was sometimes in a lecture. I also found that the choice of food was awful, and as a result found myself living off takeaways and ready meals which of course led to me gaining weight. This year, I live in a private flat, which has led me to finally getting round to learning how to cook! It was about time really. I’ve had a lot of help from Rich, and since Christmas have been determined to shift a few pounds, meaning I’ve been researching recipes and trying out new things. What I love most about the recipes I’ve discovered is that they all include fresh ingredients, and although may take a little longer than ready meals, are so much better for you.

I’ll be posting various recipes, and if you have any requests or any recipes to share with me, then please do let me know. Thanks for reading!