You shouldn’t trust clothes sizes


If there’s one thing that’s really bothering me recently, it’s clothes sizes. I’ve been out and about shopping quite a bit trying to pick up some new bits and pieces for my summer wardrobe. The problem is that nothing seems to fit right. Now I wouldn’t consider myself to be overweight. I’m a UK size 12, I’m around 5ft 4, and I weight about 10st 5. I eat healthily, I exercise, and I drink lots of water. This is why I find it so disheartening to walk into my favourite shop, to pick something out in my size and for it not to fit. It’s confusing and it makes me feel fat. Girls shouldn’t have to deal with this.

I think the main problem is that clothes from different shops in the same size have different measurements. For example, I can go into New Look and buy a top in size 12, and then go into Primark and have to buy a size 14. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with either of those sizes, but why does this happen? Why isn’t there just a universal measurement for each size?

Another problem I often find is that women’s clothes seem to be made for women who have a straighter figure than myself. I consider myself to be quite curvy, and find it ridiculous that there doesn’t seem to be many clothing stores that accomodate for my figure. I understand that some women do have straighter figures, but instead of completing discriminating towards women with body shapes like myself, why can’t there be more of a choice?

Buying jeans is my least favourite task. They never seem to fit right both in the leg length and around the waist; it’s always either one or the other. Luckily, I’ve found somewhere which does seem to accomodate for both in Dorothy Perkins. In their petite section you can buy a size 12, and gasp, it actually fits well.

Possibly the worst thing about women’s clothing are when they come in sizes such as S, M, L etc. Both H and M and Forever 21 do this, and it drives me crazy. I’m quite petite, but because of my curves, cannot fit into a Small, meaning that the Medium completely drowns me in some places and then is too tight in others.

Online shopping is a complete pain, as due to the fluctuation of sizes, I prefer to try on before I buy. The amount of times I’ve ordered something online and then had to send it back because it’s nowhere near the size it said it is!

I just think that the fashion industry needs to be a bit more generous towards women of ALL shapes and sizes. The average clothing size of women in the UK is a 14, and yet what even is a 14 anymore? We don’t deserve to feel rubbish about ourselves for something that isn’t accurate and that isn’t fair.

Does anyone else have this problem?



Step into style

If you’re a shoe lover then you’ll know that 2016 is THE year for fabulous footwear. There’s something for everyone to fall in love with, and there’s something for every occasion which is the mark of a excellent style season.

For girls who can’t live without their high heels, it’s worth checking out a pair of pointed toe heels, which are bang on trend, the brighter the colour the better. I’d personally recommJT-17-3-1000x1000end a gorgeous red to stand out from the crowd. They’re sophisticated and classic, and are ideal for either a night with the girls, or a day in the office depending what you wear them with. Try pairing them with dark cigarette trousers for a perfect daybfd65e5c03d61951d7749d78e1a75d8a to night look. They sort of remind me of a Devil Wears Prada type shoe!

For a summer look that will keep you cool as well as ensuring that you look effortlessly chic, try wearing strappy black wedges. Due to the style, they elongate your legs, and bring all the attention to your ankles. They tend to look great with most outfits which makes them extremely versatile. There’s a reason that black never goes out of style! I personally think that they’d look amazing with an LBD for a night on the town.

w8001-19_front_1Another shoe trend for 2016 is tassels. Tassels on loafers, tassels of sandals, tassels on boots. Tassels make a shoe that little bit more unique, and they can be very feminine when worn with a girly outfit or can embody the more masculine trends that the catwalks are seeing at the moment. Whatever style of shoe is your favourite, try out some tassels and I guarantee you’ll be stepping in style.  Go for a more neutral colour and you’ll find they match everything in your wardrobe. I can just imagine wearing these 24/7!4f8bc96df349d_246065n

For constant feminine vibes try purchasing a shoe in a lovely rose pink. These blush toned shoes will keep you looking sweet and innocent all day long. What’s great about this colour is that it tends to look great on anyone, no matter your hair or skin colour. Try buying a pair of flats and a pair of heels in this colour and you won’t regret how gorgeous you look!

I’m not the kind of girl that would pull off these shoes, and I’m not one hundred percent sure I like them either  BUT for confident girls who want something unique to add to their wardrobe, try a pair of bright suede shoes, the wackier the better. Feel free spirited and one of a kind as you make a statement in these. They’re also a great way to brighten up an otherwise boring oufit. I think I’d only give these ones a go if I was feeling very brave!marc-fisher-ltd-sunny-suede-pointed-toe-dorsay-flats

2016’s shoe trends have something for everyone no matter your personality. Maybe try something new this year? I think it’s time that I came out of my comfort zone and gave something new a go!



Don’t underestimate classic style


In a world where so many style options are available to us, so many of deter away from the sophisticated classic style that icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly embraced. Instead of classy black outfits which only reveal tell tale bits of skin, we squeeze ourselves into tiny outfits that leave nothing to be modest about. It’s part of our culture to be this way.

That’s why recently I’ve started to cling to the classic wardrobe staples. As I put on my red lipstick and see strawberry kisses all over my coffee cup later on in the day, I feel strong and powerful as it makes my hair look glossier, and my eyes look brighter. It makes me stand out from the crowd. My tailored black trousers cling to my curves, fitting in all the right places, and my high heels make my legs feel longer. As I walk down the street I feel people’s eyes on me. I look like a woman on a mission, a woman who’s going places in the world. There’s something to say for this type of dressing as it makes you feel so feminine and confident, like the world is at your finger tips. It’s power dressing in the best form.

The best thing about this style of dressing is that you can never go wrong. My camel trench coat will still be keeping me looking on trend and fashionable in ten years’ time; it won’t go out of date like a lot of the clothes you find on the high street do. Classic style keeps you looking polished and perfect whilst at the same time giving you a laidback edge, as if you haven’t really tried at all. It doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard or like you haven’t tried enough. Don’t underestimate classic style. It could be just what you need.Do you like classic style?


Spring Fashion Must Haves 2016


Hi guys, sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, I’m  currently studying towards my second year uni exams so it’s been really hectic at the moment! As the weather is (supposedly!) getting a bit warmer, I thought it’d be good to share the must have items of clothing that you need to make your spring wardrobe complete. If you have any other suggestions then feel free to let me know in the comments below 🙂

  1. The Trench Coat:

Trench coats are always described as the spring fashion essential, and the reason for this is that they’re very versatile, easy to wear, and they can make your outfit look really put together whilst somehow managing to be smart and casual at the same time. I’ve never owned one before this year, but since I bought mine, I’ve been wearing it none stop, and know it will be something I’ll be wearing year after year. The picture below is similar to the one I own, and I found mine in Primark for £25 which I thought was really reasonable! It also seems to be of really good quality, and fits really well. 


2. Loafers

Loafers are really trendy and stylish and again are a wardrobe that manages to make your outfit look really put together. They’re also super comfy, and look great with both jeans and dresses, and they’re a nice alternative to the traditional ballet flats. The pictures below are of the ones I bought from Dorothy Perkins; I paid £18, and got them in both the black and the brown. 


3. Light blue jeans

Most people own a pair of jeans, and the best for this time of year are in lighter shades of blue, as they look casual, and just make you feel a bit more colourful than a classic pair of black or navy. I got my pair of light blue jeans from New Look, as they do great jeans for curvier girls, and I got them in the high waisted fit. They were only £19.99 as well, which I think’s a bargain for a well fitting pair of jeans!


4. Light blouses

Light blouses are another spring classic, as they can be worn both casually and formally, and they’re great either underneath a jacket or on their own when the sun eventually comes out! They can be work either with jeans or skirts. I’m an avid blouse wearer as I think they’re lovely and feminine, and I recently purchased this lovely one from New Look in the sale for £14.50, and it’s light and airy with lace panelling.


5. Spring dress

The spring dress is a dress that can be worn both with and without tights. My favourite place to go and buy dresses is H and M, as they always have a lot of choice, and they’re always good quality. I decided to purchase this lovely cream lace dress below, which was £19.99. It has cutout panelling around the waist, and is just really gorgeous and floaty. On colder days, I think  it would look really cute underneath a trench coat or denim jacket.


6. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets go with everything and are perfect for the transition into spring and onto the summer. I spent ages trying to find one that fitted me perfectly, as I was keen to avoid the oversized 80’s style ones, and wanted one that was close fitting. I eventually found the perfect one in Dorothy Perkins, which I paid around £30 for. It’s light blue with patches of fading, and it’s slightly cropped. It goes really nicely with spring style dresses.



Hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading! 🙂 x

Fall Favourites


It’s finally my favourite time of year- autumn! The temperature has started to drop and so after spending last week freezing to death, I decided to go shopping to top up my fall wardrobe. I found that H and M had a great selection of jumpers and cardigans, and New Look had some lovely autumn floral pieces. As always, I went to Dorothy Perkins for some new jeans, as I love the fit, and think their price is very affordable, especially with their 20% student discount!


jumper 1

  1. Fine Knit Jumper £7.99

My first purchase was this lovely jumper which is white and adorned with little stars in navy blue. It has long sleeves and is quite close fitting. As a size twelve, I bought it in a medium fit. It’s the perfect fall jumper in that it can keep you warm without a jacket on those warmer days, and yet can easily be cosy underneath a cardigan or jacket when the temperature takes the plunge.


2. Fine Knit Cardigan £14.99

I’ve been looking for a cover up like this for ages, and this one is ideal, particularly due to the colour, which is camel. It is a versatile piece that adds something extra to your outfit, and it also helps keep you toasty. It feels so soft which is a bonus, and I know this is a wardrobe staple that will see me throughout all the cold months this year!


3. Fine Knit Cardigan £9.99

This is similar to the other cardigan that I purchased, however it doesn’t have the waterfall drape that the other does because unfortunately they didn’t have my size in this colour. However this is made out of the same material meaning it’s just as cosy, and the colour is another neutral colour that can be worn with anything.


skinny jeans

4. Bailey Super Skinny Stretch Jeans- £18.00 with student discount

I love this jeans due to how comfortable and stretchy they are, and the fact that they last for ages. I bought a pair in both indigo and black, in a size 12 petite fit, due to the fact that at 5ft3, I find a lot of the time that jeans are way too long for me.


5. Navy Chiffon Lace Up Gypsy Top- £19.99

nl top 1

This gorgeous top is perfect either for dressing up, or dressing down. The bell bottom sleeves create a lovely feminine effect, whilst the navy blue colour makes it more sophisticated. I wear blouses all of the time , and have found this one to be particularly versatile. Beware that it’s quite see through, so maybe pair with a cami underneath.

6. Black Floral Print Lace Up Gypsy Top- £19.99

nl top 2

I found another gypsy top, which I think is my favourite style of top, just because it’s so flattering and pretty at the same time. The colours in this are perfect for the autumn weather, and teamed with a cosy cardigan and a scarf make it ideal for when the weather turns!

Thanks for reading guys! I’m hoping to publish a beauty buys of the month in the next week, and let me know if there’s any particular articles you’d like to see!

Beth x

Fashion Picks of the week: Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and New Look


First of all, I thought I’d take a look at Topshop. I often struggle to find clothes I like in Topshop due to the fact that I’m not extremely skinny, and often I find they tend to cater towards smaller girls, however this week whilst browsing their website, I found a number of items which I really liked. It can also be pricey sometimes, however the items I found seem quite reasonable.

1. Daisy Floral Print Overlay Dress- £48


The first item that caught my eye was this floral dress. I like how it’s 70’s inspired, and that it’s a versatile piece which can be used as either smart or casual wear depending on how it was dressed up or down. It could easily be worn on a warm sunny day and then on a cooler day paired with a jacket. Personally I’d wear it with a pair of heeled ankled boots and an oversized denim jacket with a statement handbag.

2. BAT Cleated Shoe Boots- £35


I thought these were a really reasonable price, and that they were ideal for the summer months. They could easily go with a dress or jeans, and similarly to the dress above, could be either dressed up or down. They’re the perfect contrast between sandals and boots, and I think these are a must for the summer wardrobe.

3. Strawberry Straw Bag- £28


I saw this and fell in love with it straight away. It’s perfect for the festival season, and adds a touch of fun and colour to any outfit. It’s an over the shoulder bag and is ideal for all your summer essentials.

dorothy perkins

Secondly, I had a look at Dorothy Perkins, as they do an awesome student discount and I love how girly and classic their clothes are. 

4. Pink floral kimono- £28


This kimono is great for dressing up a pair of jeans, and is the perfect cover up for when the weather cools. It would look great thrown over a bikini on your holidays, or at a festival over a pair of shorts. The colours also mean that this piece could fit into your autumn wardrobe as well as your summer wardrobe.

5.Green Crochet Yoke Shell Top- £20


Tops such as this one are summer staples in the summer months as they’re great to wear with both shorts or jeans, and can also be tucked into a high waisted skirt for a different look. I love the colour and the pattern and eyelet detail stops it from being too plain.

6. Bleach Denim Jacket- £28


A denim jacket is another wardrobe essential in the summer, as it looks fabulous with any summer dress no matter the pattern or style. This light coloured jacket would look great with the sleeves rolled up.

new look

And lastly I had a look at New Look, as it’s my favourite shop and everytime I walk in there, I’m tempted to buy the entire shop, however I managed to narrow it down to three of my favourite items. 

7.White Ditsy Floral Print Skater Skirt- £12.99


Skater skirts are flattering on women of every shape, and are incredibly girly as well are being great for the warm weather. I like all of the different colours on this one, as it means that with different items you could give this skirt a different look depending on what you felt like.

8. Fashion Union Blue Abstract Print Lace Hem Playsuit- £17.99


This playsuit is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE the contrast between the top and the bottom. It would look lovely paired with a pair of gladiator sandals, or perhaps some heeled wedges.

9. Black Scallop Hem Crochet Shorts- £17.99


Could be worn either for a festival or a night out, and would look great with a patterned or plain crop top, this item is incredibly versatile. I love the scallop hem, and this style is very ‘in’ at the moment.