Blogging future

There’s been a few times in the last few months where I’ve dropped off the blogosphere, and this month has been especially torrent for it. This time it’s not because of my lack of words, but rather that the words I do have are currently going into other projects. You all know that I work part time at a retail store, but recently I’ve just landed my first official writing gig, and I’m loving it despite it meaning that my blog is currently lacking in attention. My new job means that I’m a digital writer and editor for a home design company. All of my words are being channelled into articles, blogs, and news stories. It’s hard work, there’s lots of deadlines, and I don’t always know what it is that I’m writing about, but I am loving it. It just sort of defines to me that I’m heading down the right career path. My job in retail is often tedious, tiring, and dull, but whilst my new job is tiring, it definitely isn’t tedious or dull.

Writing this blog was a way of keeping me occupied, I found it therapeutic and it gave me somewhere for my words. There’s been loads of times in the last few weeks where I’ve taken up my laptop and started an article but the rest of it just hasn’t come to me. That’s why I can’t promise to you guys when it is exactly that I’ll have written a new post. At the minute life’s hectic and crazy, and to be honest, I don’t have any regrets as I hate being bored but maybe this time I’ve slightly overdone it.

Sorry for rambling, but I just want to outline the reasoning for my lack of posts (again), and to just highlight that I’m not trying to think of excuses, I’m just being honest. I’m going to Croatia next Tuesday for a week, and I’m hoping the downtime in the sun will be beneficial. I can promise you guys there will be posts about my trip eventually.

Hopefully you can all bear with me as I promise that this isn’t a goodbye, it’s just a see you when I can.

Thank you for all your support,

Lots of love,

Beth x


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