Rockprest Festival 03/07/16

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Last Sunday, me and Rich took my brother Gabe up to Preston for the Rockprest music festival. It’s rare that we get to see my brother on his own, and so it was great to do that for a change.


We had a bit a of a nightmare getting up to Preston due to terrible traffic, but when we eventually got there, we were glad we made the journey. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Rockprest is the UK’s largest free music festival and all of its acts are rock tribute bands. Entry to the festival itself was free but we paid a £2.50 booking fee which was extremely reasonable.


It was held over two days but we just went for the Sunday, and I’m glad we did as the weather was awful on Saturday but lovely and warm on Sunday. We had a really lovely chilled out day, we sat on the grass listened to the music, had an icecream, and just enjoyed the day.We watched a Fall Out Boy act, a Led Zeppelin act, a Stereophonics act and a Kings of Leon act. There were loads of other bands on including tributes to Queen, the Foo Fighters, and Depeche Mode, but seeing as we had work the next day, we left before these came on at about five. It was a nice change to go to a small festival as I went to Leeds festival a few years ago camping, and although I had a fab time whilst I was there, I’m not really in a hurry to repeat that experience anytime soon, whilst I would definitely go to Rockpress again!

Have any of you guys been to any festivals? What was your experience like?


4 thoughts on “Rockprest Festival 03/07/16

  1. Years ago ( in my 20s ;)) I went to Leeds festival with friends and got my clothes nicked! Wore pjs for a day.Actually got my bag of clothes back….though think they were mixed with a teenage boys!) and luckilly I had slept with my purse under my pillow. Also remember my mates and I being very reluctant to leave our tent later in the night to go to the festival toilets because people were burning their tents and dancing round camp fires naked.Our one and only trip to Leeds Festival.Maybe its improved since then….:)

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    1. Haha it’s not changed one bit! I didn’t get my pyjamas stolen though 🙈 there were definitely people partying all night long, strange campfires in the woods, and people burning their tents.. I didn’t burn mine but I was one of those who left it their due to all the mud! :p x

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      1. Yep it sounds like its carrying on the Leeds tradition! Glastonbury and T in the Park were much nicer.:) There are so many more festivals nowadays.Spoilt for choice.:)

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