Any job is a ‘real’ job


One thing I hate more than anything is when people don’t refer to jobs in the retail and hospitality sector as ‘real jobs’. As I’ve said in my last few posts, I’ve recently started working part time at a clothing store. Since I’ve started working there, I’ve had quite a few people telling me that it’s not a ‘proper’ job. Now I understand that when they say that, they’re not intentionally being offensive. Maybe it’s because it’s not full time, or because it’s not a job that I’ve attained through my degree. But in my opinion, it IS offensive. Some of the people I work with are in their forties, their fifties, and to them their job is their ‘real’ job. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

A lot of the people who’ve said that my job is not a ‘proper’ job are people my own age. What they don’t seem to remember is that for their parents’ generation, getting a degree was not the norm. A lot of their parents work at places such as a clothing store, and they don’t get told that they don’t have ‘real’ jobs. So why do I? Even now, not everybody goes to university. I know lots of people who’ve gone through apprenticeship schemes, or have gone into a practical vocation, and sometimes I envy them. They’re the people with their own money, they’re buying their own houses, and they own their own car. Meanwhile, yes I’ve been studying at university, but I don’t have any of those things.

I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that any job is a ‘proper’ job. When I do have my degree, I probably will still be working at somewhere like a clothing store. The job market today is fierce, and I’m just grateful to have any job at all. Although I know personally that this job is not something I want to do for the rest of my life, I’m grateful for the income that it’s bringing to me, and that it’s enhancing my knowledge of what it is like in the working world. So try to keep in mind that any job is a job. And I’d rather be working hard then being the type of student who has to rely on their parent’s money. But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?


11 thoughts on “Any job is a ‘real’ job

  1. Urgh I hate when people do that. There are entry level jobs in places like Iceland and Aldi that offer Β£9 per hour. That better than min wage salary!!
    You work hard, stress hard, lose sleep deal with bad managers and annoying customers how is it not real. What is real? An office, company car? It’s maddening!
    Are you giving up your free time, are you contributing to society, are you getting paid…then you have a real job. It doesn’t matter what level your at if your paid for your time and effort it’s a job.
    This has really got to me, I love it. This is the sort of conversation I’d love to ramble on about in a small group on friends just griping about the idiocy of…well…idiots. Haha.
    Great piece really well put together!

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    1. Exactly any job is important! This is the sort of conversation that I also argue against πŸ˜› it really bugs me, often people who work in lower paid jobs have to do long hours with no rewards, why should they treat differently than those with office jobs? As long as you’re earning, working hard and dealing with what youve got, then you’re right, you’re making a contribution towards society and your future. Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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      1. I really did it’s a brilliant thought provoking piece. It’s one of those topics you could lose hours debating but I’m very much in your camp. If you hate having to go to work it’s a job, if you don’t shut up and stop bragging. Haha!! πŸ˜™


    1. Sorry, I hit something and then it just posted haha continued–> after the vote I had so much verbal abuse from people I don’t know it’s ridiculous! And I do have a ‘proper’ office job, as they would call it, but I am just unhappy with it as I was with my hospitality one, if anything people were nicer in the previous one. I also have a degree, for all the good that it does to me haha. A job is a job, and we should appreciate it because it’s not that easy to find these days. ❀

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      1. It’s really interesting to get this perspective off someone who’s worked in both the hospitality sector and then in an office environment! I’m sorry you’re disliking you’re current job 😦 you’re right we should try and stay at peace with what we’ve got, better to have a job than to not have one at all! Thank you so much for reading and letting me know your thoughts πŸ™‚ x

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