I wish I was growing up in the 90’s


As a young person, I feel that growing up in the 21st century is a struggle. Recently I’ve been really into the TV series, Beverly Hills 90210, and even though I know that this is not a real life example of what life would have been like for me (I’m not rich and I’m not living in LA), I can’t help but think that the world in the nineties was a much nicer place. I guess I’m feeling a nostalgia for a time I feel I never got to truly experience.

As much as I am a frequent user of the internet, of social media, and of technology in general, sometimes I wish that it didn’t exist. It can cause so much upset in people’s lives, whilst at the same time deterring away from what’s important. For example, how many people do you know that have been upset by a comment that they saw online? How many people do you know that have been affected by a dodgy picture or have had their personal life pried into? Maybe it’s even been you that has had those things happen to them.

Yesterday I was on the tram home from work, and my phone had died of battery due to me stupidly forgetting to charge it the night before. I had the time to actually people watch and it astonished me that every person around me was glued to their phones. In fact barely anyone was even talking to each other at all. And that made me kind of sad.

We text people instead of ring them these days, we skype instead of actually meeting up, and we share our memories via Facebook instead of at a meetup. We go online if we need to know something instead of going to the library, we pick up a kindle instead of reading an actual book, and we look online for recipes instead of asking our family and friends for advice.

Sometimes I imagine what a world without all of this technology would be like. I imagine the romance of love letters, how there might not be so much competition for jobs, how it would feel to have a night without my phone constantly beeping next to me… And I like what I see.

Yes technology makes our lives easier, but are we forgetting what’s important in the meantime? What do you think?


15 thoughts on “I wish I was growing up in the 90’s

    1. It’s interesting to get that perspective off someone who actually grew up back then! I agree we’re definitely prisoner to it, there’s just no avoiding it in this day and age, and I’m torn between wanting to embrace it and wanting to avoid it.

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      1. On the plus side, look at how much the world has developed and the science behind it. That way, it doesn’t make you feel so guilty. Our future is technology, those who don’t use it are only going to get lost and intimidated.

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      2. That’s true, technology is a tool, it’s not a hinderance. I guess the change is mainly for the better, maybe the occasional detox day is the best solution.


  1. good post! I was born in 1995 so really i grew up in the 21st century but I still experienced the whole going out to meet friends instead of skpe and talking on the phone with landlines and spiral cord! It was all nokia and computers that were like boxes! Something that my niece now would never use! She even has a Nokia phone and thinks its just a toy (shes 4). It’s amazing and at the same time sad how fast things change.


    1. Me too, I was born in 1996, and still remember what growing up with a brick phone and no internet was like haha. It’s strange to see children using technology, I wasn’t even allowed a mobile until I was ten, and even then it was only to text my parents. You’re right, it is both of those things, it’s sad that the past is being lost, but then it’s also exciting to see what the future might hold.


      1. haha same! I remember having to wait for the dial-up to finish just to connect and by then I was already outside playing!
        Sometimes I re-watch old movies where I thought ‘the effects are so good it looks so real!’
        And now it cracks me up, realizing how bad it was but amazed with what tech can do now!

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  2. I grew up in the mid 80s & early 90s and had a great time and I agree that we are a prisoner to technology but I bet everyone reckons their era was better than others. Great post.

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      1. I remember 1988 and the “summer of love” with all the house music and madchester era which made it even special. Music, culture, etc helps make a decade or era and the 90s didn’t disappoint. Then came Brit pop with blur & oasis so we were spoilt in the 90’s.

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  3. I remember arranging to meet in the pub via the landline and friends ringing the pub if they were going to be late. We gave out our numbers written on pieces of paper and waited by the phone to see if it would ring.we put photos in albums,spent hours talking on the landline ,watched videos and made mixtapes.This was late 80s early 80s.x

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