Life Update


I’m writing this post just to sort of explain what’s going on at the moment and also because I’ve decided something. That something is my updating. Now as many of you know, for the past six weeks, I’ve got into a bit of a routine of posting twice a day Monday-Friday. As much as I’ve loved doing that, I’ve realised that it’s not something I can keep up. It’s been my absolute pleasure to see all of you guys liking and commenting on my posts, and I’m so happy that you’ve been enjoying my writing. I don’t want you to all think that I’ve given up on blog writing if I don’t post as frequently at the moment. I love this blog, I love you guys, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. But I ‘m not going to be able to post quite as regularly anymore. My new target is to try and update my blog three times a week. I feel that’s a lot more feasible especially as I’ve just got a new job! I’m only working part time, but it’s such a relief to know I’ve got an income coming in, and knowing that I’ll have a bit more of a routine to my life. I hope you guys understand, and I promise to stick to my target, and who knows, I might even post more than that if I have the time.

Lots of love,

Beth x


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