Life chapters


Is it just me or does everything in life seem to inevitably come to an end? I feel that for the last couple of years I enter a new chapter and then before I know it, it’s over and it’s onto the next one. I feel that we’re always weaving in and out of places, never truly settling and never truly understanding everything these chapters have to offer. I feel we spend too much time missing the previous chapters, being afraid to say goodbye to them, as if we can’t cope without the comfort that they temporarily brought us. .

I’m writing this as the end of an internship finishes. I’ve been working here for five weeks, and it’s been really helpful to try and figure out what exactly it is I want to do when I finish university next year. When I finish here, it will be onto the next chapter of trying to find myself a summer job to save up some money. And then it’s onto the next chapter as I start my third and final year of uni, and after that… well I’m not sure. Hopefully find myself a job, something more than what will simply just pay the bills, something that will inspire me everyday and make me actually want to get up in the morning.

‘What happens next’ is truly an important part of growing up. It’s something I’m always thinking about. Last year when I was finishing my second year of uni, I would never have imagined that I would have had a summer job at an airport, followed by my second year of university that flew  by and then an internship in a career field which I’d never even considered before last summer. All those chapters may be over now, but there’s going to be more chapters in my life and I’m going to look forward to them.

I used to worry every time about starting a new chapter, about what if I didn’t like it, what if I didn’t fit in? But it’s not something  to be afraid of. Each new chapter has brought something else to my life and has given me clarity on how to go about the next chapter.

We need to enjoy the good parts, learn from the bad parts, and then decide what happens next. As we grow older still, life chapters aren’t just a case of moving up in education and finding a career, they become so much more than that. They intertwine our lives with other people as they take us through the milestones of marriage, children, grandchildren and old age. I’m hoping that by that point I’ll have grown used to them. Life chapters are something we need to grasp hold of as we go on our individual life journeys.


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