Coldplay ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ Tour

There’s huge controversy over the band Coldplay, and I just don’t understand why. They managed to fill the Etihad stadium in Manchester twice over this weekend and it has a capacity of 60,000 people.


On Sunday night I was lucky enough to go and see them on their second night of the Head Full of Dreams tour and it was magical. I’ve seen a lot of bands live over the last few years but these were without a doubt the best. They started off the show with the first song off their album, A Head Full of Dreams, and it was perfect to get the crowd going. The song ended with this multicoloured confetti which looked amazing.


Throughout the entire show there were fireworks, confetti, smoke and lighting effects. As we’d gone into the stadium, we’d all be given a wristband which automatically lit up throughout the show in a variation of colours. We were also each given a little ‘LOVE’ badge which I thought was so lovely as a little memento to take home. The picture below was taken during ‘Fix You’, and it looked beautiful.


Chris Martin is such an energetic performer, and it was so great to see a singer play such an array of instruments as well as entertaining the crowd and, of course, singing.


One of my favourite parts of the show was during ‘Adventures of a Lifetime’ as giant beach balls were thrown into the crowd, the lights flashed in technicolour, and everyone sang along.


What I loved the most about this concert was the fact that it was so clear that every song had been tailored to be sang live. For example, ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ got everyone dancing on their feet, whilst slow songs such as ‘Everglow’ and ‘The Scientist’ made the audience emotional as we swayed along. Β Everyone seemed to know the words to every single song and you could see the amazement on the band’s faces that they’d managed to reach out to so many people. I think this is the only concert I’ve been to where there’s been people of all different ages. There were children, teenagers, young couples, families, adults, and I think that just shows how Coldplay has such a diverse audience. I know there are rumours that this is there last tour but fingers crossed this isn’t true as I’d go to see them again in a heartbeat.






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