My Bucket List

There’s a lot of things that I’d love to do in my life, and I like to think that one day (fingers crossed) I’ll complete them all. This list is far from complete, as I know I’ll add more as I grow older and want different things out of life. 


Own a car, live abroad, own a pet, buy every book that I want, sky dive in a beautiful country, write a novel, get into photography, go to a drive-in movie, go to an opera, buy my own house, go on holiday alone, go to an all night beach party, cut a fringe into my hair, go for a spa weekend, build a successful career, sit front row at a fashion show, fly in first class, attend a foodie festival, travel around America, drive down the California coast, stay in a five start resort, visit a vineyard to go wine tasting, cook a Sunday dinner, go for afternoon tea, go out for a meal and have three courses of dessert, visit Santorini and see the world’s most beautiful sunset, run my own book club, complete with coffee and cake mornings, do a charity run, learn a new language, learn to play the piano, attend the gym every week day, try a yoga class, learn to iceskate, spend Christmas in Australia, see the Northern Lights, get married, swim with dolphins, learn to surf, watch the sun rise over the sea, climb a mountain, create my own recipe, learn more about astronomy, watch a Broadway show, run out of pages in my passport, experience Christmas in New York, live near the beach, learn to horseride, have dinner on a rooftop terrace in Paris.

What do you have on your bucket list?



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