Don’t underestimate classic style


In a world where so many style options are available to us, so many of deter away from the sophisticated classic style that icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly embraced. Instead of classy black outfits which only reveal tell tale bits of skin, we squeeze ourselves into tiny outfits that leave nothing to be modest about. It’s part of our culture to be this way.

That’s why recently I’ve started to cling to the classic wardrobe staples. As I put on my red lipstick and see strawberry kisses all over my coffee cup later on in the day, I feel strong and powerful as it makes my hair look glossier, and my eyes look brighter. It makes me stand out from the crowd. My tailored black trousers cling to my curves, fitting in all the right places, and my high heels make my legs feel longer. As I walk down the street I feel people’s eyes on me. I look like a woman on a mission, a woman who’s going places in the world. There’s something to say for this type of dressing as it makes you feel so feminine and confident, like the world is at your finger tips. It’s power dressing in the best form.

The best thing about this style of dressing is that you can never go wrong. My camel trench coat will still be keeping me looking on trend and fashionable in ten years’ time; it won’t go out of date like a lot of the clothes you find on the high street do. Classic style keeps you looking polished and perfect whilst at the same time giving you a laidback edge, as if you haven’t really tried at all. It doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard or like you haven’t tried enough. Don’t underestimate classic style. It could be just what you need.Do you like classic style?



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