Beauty buy of the week- Treacle Moon



treaclemoon Marshmallow hearts shower gel 2

Like a lot of girls, I’m completely obsessed with shower gels and bubble baths that smell great. Recently I discovered Treacle Moon’s collection of bath and shower gel and they smell delicious! I was initially attracted to them due to their gorgeously cute packaging which I knew would look great in my bathroom. I picked up the Honeycomb Secret and Marshmallow Hearts seeing as they were both on offer in Tesco last week at only £1.99 which is an absolute steal for something that smells like this and looks adorable. If you’re a big fan of Lush then you’ll love this product as they smell just as good but are a lot cheaper. I love that they actually smell like they’re supposed to. My favourite out of the two I picked up is definitely the Honeycomb Secret. It legitimately smells like a Crunchie bar, so make sure if you’re using this product that you’re not starving, because it will make you feel hungry! As if you need any other incentive to try out this product, all Treacle Moon’s products are alcohol free and are against animal testing.

Have you tried any of Treacle Moon’s products? What did you think?


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