TV Show Recommendations!

pink tv

One of my favourite things to do after a long day at uni is to get home and relax with the latest TV series I’m glued to. Therefore I thought I’d share a couple of my favourites with you guys, so you can go check them out, and get watching!



I first started watching this show when I was about thirteen, and I’m still watching it now. What I love about this show is that it’s not just about the romance between the characters, but that it contains drama and elements of supernatural and horror which is great. It also means that my boyfriend will watch it with me without moaning too much. Plus I could quite easily watch this show purely for Damon’s lines.


pretty little liars

Another show I’ve been watching for years, though this one’s a bit more frustrating than any of the others I’ve watched! I love this show as each episode is full of twists and turns, however I wasn’t overly impressed with the A reveal, as there were loads of plot holes that didn’t quite add up. The way they’re going with the new series, which shows the girls five years forward, is really promising and is given the show the new flavour it needed after the disappointing finale.



Any girl who hasn’t seen this, go see it now! Gossip girl is the new sex and the city only with clothes that you’d actually wear nowadays. The fashion in this show is amazing, and you’ll soon find yourself wanting to live in New York City with Serena and Blair. If you watch this show for nothing else other than Chace Crawford, then that’s also fine.


bh 90210

I’m talking about the original, not the new version of this show. Although it may be set in the early nineties, I love this show much more than the new version (although I do quite like that too). Brenda and Kelly are great, Brandon’s adorable, and the storylines are amazing too. Give this one a chance if you don’t mind the interesting fashion choices!



I haven’t completely finished watching all of the series yet due to being bogged down with uni work, and driving theory things, however what I have watched I’ve really liked. This show is great if you’re into crime thrillers, and the law, yet also has elements of romance and drama which makes it something different and fresh. It’s compared to The Devil Wears Prada, and I’d agree that if you loved that film, then it’s worth giving this series a go.

I hope you enjoyed this list of recommendations, and if you have any to give me yourselves that would be great! X


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