Beauty Review: Soap and Glory

soap and glory

For Christmas I got LOADS of Soap and Glory goodies, and so thought that I would test them out and share my thoughts on them. I’d never really tried them before as I thought they were quite expensive, but after trying them all out I’ll definitely be repurchasing. Soap and Glory are a British beauty brand, and they sell it in Boots in the UK if you’re interested in going to get any of these items after you’ve read this post.

Heel Genius- £5.50

heel genius

The first Soap and Glory product that I tested was the Heel Genius amazing foot cream. Soap and Glory recommend applying a layer of this foot cream onto your heels right before you sleep, and them popping on a pair of socks over the top so that it’s able to soak in over night, which is exactly what I did. It says that it will banish dry skin overnight, however I found this only to be true after about a week of using it. Seeing as it does work, I would recommend it, if not only for the lovely smell! 

Hand Food- £5.50

hand cream






I don’t normally use hand cream, however thought that I’d give this one a go. I was impressed with the consistency, as it was quite light which meant that it quickly soaked in, however seeing as I don’t have dry hands, I thought I’d let someone who did, use it- my boyfriend. Ever since trying this, he has insisted on borrowing it again and again to the point where I’ve left it on the bathroom sink where it is now almost empty. I think it is safe to say that this product successfully worked! He says his hands are much softer than before and all the dry skin has gone. 

Clean On Me Shower Gel- £6.50


This is one of their slightly pricier products, however it is so, so worth it! Normally I’d only pay a few pounds for a shower gel, but I think I’m going to start breaking that rule when this runs out. I’ve had this since December, and I’m not even a quarter of the way through it, despite showering every single day. I’ve found that the scent lasts all day, and it is great for sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate it. I’ve noticed that my skin is a lot smoother than before I started using it too. It foams up really well which I like and you only need a tiny amount for it to do so. 

The Righteous Butter- £10


This is again, one of their more pricey products but I love it and would definitely buy it again. It is quite thick but it spreads well over your body. It takes quite a while to soak in, but it keeps your skin smooth and sweet smelling for the rest of the day! My only criticism is that I wish the smell was a little stronger, as I found it to be a bit weaker than some of the other products that I tried. It didn’t last as long as I would typically like a body butter to last. 


Thank you for reading! If you’ve tried any of these products, or any of the other Soap and Glory products, then let me know in the comments below 🙂 x




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