Benefit Makeup Review

Benefit Makeup is well known for being one of the best loved makeup brands, and so I thought I’d test and review a few of their most popular products! The packaging of each of their products is gorgeous; they tend to have a very feminine and vintage feel to them which just made me even more excited to see what all the fuss is about.

benefit makeup

the POREfessional- £24.50


This gel comes in a distinct green tube, and is designed to help cover up pores and fine lines. I loved this product straight away and found that it is not too gloopy, or too thick which is ideal for those preferring a more natural look. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for that extra something to use as a base for your foundation. This product is also great as a concealer for dark under eye circles. However, I do think this product is very expensive for what it is, despite finding that the size of the tube was quite misconceiving; it’s seems quite small, although you only need a tiny amount each time for it to be effective.

most glamourous nudes ever- £23.50


This handy little kit is the No 1 eyeshadow selling product in the UK and is a great way to experiment with eyeshadows if you prefer something subtle yet effective. What I love most about this product is the box that it comes in which is a great size for your handbag, and a lovely addition to your makeup bag. It comes with two pots of creaseless cream shadows, as well as four eyeshadow powders. The box contains a tips and tricks leaflet which shows you both a daytime and nightime look using the eyeshadows which is really useful if you’re a beginner! What’s fantastic about this product is that the eyeshadows are longlasting; I applied it early in the morning, and twelve hours later it was all still intact which is really impressive. Again, this Benefit product only requires a tiny bit per application showing that it’s definitely worth shelling out for.

they’re real! lengthening mascara- £19.50

download (1)

I have this product in the shade jet black, however it also comes in beyond brown and beyond blue. Normally I’m not one to spend a lot of money on mascaras as they all seem to do the same thing, however this product seems to be the exception! I’ve started wearing it everyday and have noticed a noticeable difference in how my eyelashes look, so much more voluminous as well as separating each individual lash. I’ve even had people tell me that I look as if I have false eyelashes on, all after only one coat of this product. It creates a definitive curl and doesn’t clog up your eyelashes meaning you don’t get a horrible spidery effect. If there’s one Benefit product that you buy after reading this post, make it this one, it’s definitely worthwhile! 

ultra plush lipgloss- £14.50

download (2)

Normally, I tend to prefer a lipstick to a lipgloss as I find that they stay on longer, however I found that this lipgloss lasts just as long as a lipstick. I have this product in the shade A-Lister, and have found that it is wearable at any time of the day whether it be casually or more formally. The taste and smell of the lipgloss is great and distinctly Benefit. My only issue with this product is that it can be quite sticky which can be a bit of an issue if, like me, you have long hair. I also would not recommend this product if you like a lipgloss that is bold and stands out as it is quite subtle and gives more of a shine than a colour. 





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